The Love of Life

12. Moaning and Groaning for Three Months


12.  Moaning and Groaning for Three Months

The little lamp fluttered in the cold wind.

Some Chinese believe that dog meat warms you up in cold weather, so on this chilly day, there were no empty seats in the dog meat restaurant. The air was full of the smell of dog meat and the sounds of the raucous crowds.

In the back of the restaurant, to the right, Ts’ao Shengyuan was putting another dead dog into the kettle to boil. He had been a dog butcher for years, and finally opened his own restaurant. Business was good enough to hire a helper.

His helper was just saying to him, “Brother Ts’ao, this one is really meaty!”

Ts’ao Shengyuan chuckled. “You said it! This fat dog is going to make a lot of money for us!”

They continued getting their knives ready as the water to boil the dog heated up.

Suddenly, the dog leapt out of the kettle. It seemed to fly through the air, straight at Ts’ao. It pounced at him and bit him in the neck. Ts’ao shrieked for help!

All the customers in the restaurant came to see what the matter was. They saw the dog biting Ts’ao’s neck. His blood was pumping out of the wound. What a terrible sight!

After he got the dog off his neck, Ts’ao Shengyuan went to many doctors to treat his wound, but no matter what kind of medicine they put on it, it kept rotting and getting worse. It hurt so much that Ts’ao moaned and groaned day and night.

After three months of pain, Ts’ao finally died. All the people in the area who liked dog meat gave it up, because they realized that the meat of any animal is produced through enormous suffering.

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