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A Little Spell of Emptiness (text to speech)
Aakankheyya Sutta (text to speech) - If the Bhikkhu Desires
Aanaapaanasuttam (text to speech) - The Discourse On In and Out Breathing
Aananjasappaayasuttam (text to speech) - Suitability to Attain Imperturbability
Abhasita Sutta (text to speech) - What Was Not Said
Abhaya Raja Kumara Sutta (text to speech) - To Prince Abhaya
Abhaya Sutta (text to speech) - Fearless
Abhisanda Sutta (text to speech) - Rewards
Accayika Sutta (text to speech) - Urgent
Acchariya Abbhuta Sutta (text to speech) - Wonderful And Marvelous
Acintita Sutta (text to speech) - Un-conjecturable
Adanta Sutta (text to speech) - Untamed
Aditta Sutta (text to speech) - The House On Fire
Adittapariyana Sutta (text to speech) - The Fire Sermon
Adiya Sutta (text to speech) - Benefits to be Obtained From Wealth
Advice to Venerable Punna (text to speech)
Agara Sutta (text to speech) - The Guest House
The Agganna Sutta (text to speech) - On Knowledge of Beginnings
Aggi Vacchagotta Sutta (text to speech) - To Vacchagotta on Fire
Aghata Sutta (text to speech) - Hatred
Aghatapativinaya Sutta (text to speech) - Subduing Hatred
Ajaniya Sutta (text to speech) - The Thoroughbred
Ajivaka Sutta (text to speech) - To the Fatalists' Student
Akankha Sutta (text to speech) - Wishes
Akkhama Sutta (text to speech)- Not Resilient
Akkosa Sutra (text to speech) - Insult
Alagagadduupama Sutta (text to speech) - The Simile of the Snake
Alavaka Sutta (text to speech) - To the Alavaka Yakkha
All the Taints (text to speech)
Ambalatthikaraahulovada Sutta (text to speech) - Advice to Venerable Rahula At Ambalatthika
Ambattha Sutta (text to speech) - Pride Humbled
Amitabha Sutra (text to speech)
Anaathapindikovaadasuttam (text to speech) - Advise to Anaathapindika
Anagata Bhayani Suttas (text to speech) - The Discourses on Future Dangers
Anana Sutta (text to speech) - Debtless
Ánanda Sutta (text to speech) - Instructions to Vangisa
Ánanda Sutta (text to speech) - On Self, No Self, and Not-self
Ánanda Sutta (text to speech) - On Mindfulness of Breathing
Ánandabhaddekarattasuttam (text to speech) - A single Auspicious Attachment to Venerable Ánanda 
Anangana Sutta (text to speech) - Without Blemishes
Anattá Lakkhana Sutta (text to speech) - The Discourse on the Not-self Characteristic
Andhakavinda Sutta (text to speech) - At Andhakavinda
Aneñja Sappaya Sutta (text to speech) - Conducive to the Imperturbable
Angulimala Sutta (text to speech) - To Angulimala
Ani Sutta (text to speech) - The Peg
Anubuddha Sutta (text to speech) - Understanding
Anugghita Sutta (text to speech) - Supported
Anumaana Sutta (text to speech) - Self Observation
Anupadasuttam (text to speech) - Uninterrupted Concentration
Anuradha Sutta (text to speech) - To Anuradha
Anuruddhasuttam (text to speech) - To Anuruddha
Apannaka Sutta (text to speech) - The Inquiring Teaching
Aparihani Sutta (text to speech) - No Falling Away
Appaka Sutta (text to speech) - Few
Appamada Sutta (text to speech) - Heedfulness
Aranavibhangasuttam (text to speech) - The Classification of Solitude
Arañña Sutta (text to speech) - The Wilderness
Ariya Vamsa Sutta (text to speech) - The Discourse on the Traditions of the Noble Ones
Ariyapariyesana Sutta (text to speech) - The Noble Search
Assu Sutta (text to speech) - Tears
Âtânâtiya Sutta (text to speech) - Discourse on Atanatiya
Attadanda Sutta (text to speech) - The Training 
Atthakarana Sutta (text to speech) - In Judgment
Atthasatapariyaya Sutta (text to speech) - One Hundred Eight Feelings
Atthi Raga Sutta (text to speech) - Where There is Passion
The Avalambana Sutta (text to speech) - The Urabon Sutra
Avalika Sutta (text to speech) - Sister Avalika
Avarana Sutta (text to speech) - Obstacles
Avijja Sutta (text to speech) - Ignorance
Avatamsaka Sutra (text to speech) - The Flower Garland Sutra
Ayacana Sutta (text to speech) - The Request 


Baalapandita Sutta (text to speech) - To Recognize the Fool and the Wise One
Bahiya Sutta (text to speech) - About Bahiya
Bahudhaatukasuttam (text to speech) - The Discourse on Many Elements
Bahuna Sutta (text to speech) - To Bahuna
Bahuvedaniiya Sutta (text to speech) - The Discourse On Many Feelings
Bakkulasuttam (text to speech) - The Wonderful Things About Venerable Bakkula
Bhaddekarattasuttam (text to speech) - A single Auspicious Attachment
Bhayabherava Sutta (text to speech) - Great Fear
Bhikkhu Aparihaniya Sutta (text to speech) - Conditions for No Decline Among the Monks
Bhikkhuni Sutta (text to speech) - The Nun
Bhojana Sutta (text to speech) - A Meal
Bhutamidam Sutta (text to speech) - This Has Come Into Being
Bhuumija Sutta (text to speech) - To Venerable Bhuumija
Brahmajala Sutta (text to speech) - The Supreme Net What the Teaching Is Not
Brahmana Sutta (text to speech) - To Unnabha the Brahman
Brahma Net Sutra (text to speech) - Bodhisattva Mind-Ground Chapter 
Brahmanimantana Sutta (text to speech) - An Address to Brahma
Buddha's Bequeathed Teaching Sutra (text to speech)
Buddha's Words on Kamma (text to speech)


Caatuma Sutta (text to speech) - The Discourse at Catuma
Cakkavattisihananda Sutta (text to speech) - The Lion’s Roar on the Turning of the Wheel
Cakkhu Sutta (text to speech) - The Eye
Cala Sutta (text to speech) - Sister Cala
Candala Sutta (text to speech) - The Outcaste
Cankii Sutta (text to speech) - To the Brahmin Cankii
Capala Sutta (text to speech) - Nodding
Cetana Sutta (text to speech) - An Act of Will
Cetokhiila Sutta (text to speech) - The Arrow in the Mind
Chabbisodana Sutta (text to speech) - The Six-fold Examination
Chachakka Sutta (text to speech) - The Six Sextets
Channovaadasuttam (text to speech)- Advice to Venerable Channa
Chappana Sutta (text to speech) - The Six Animals
Chiggala Sutta (text to speech) - The Hole
Contemplation Of Buddha Amitayus (text to speech)
Culasunnatta Sutta (text to speech)
Cula-dhammasamadana Sutta (text to speech) - The Shorter Discourse on Taking on Practices
Cula-Assapura Sutta (text to speech) - The Shorter Discourse in Assapura
Cula Kammavibhanga Sutta (text to speech) - The Shorter Analysis of Action
The Cula Malunkya Sutra (text to speech)
Cula Malunkyovada Sutta (text to speech) - The Shorter Instructions to Malunkya
Cula Punnama Sutta (text to speech) - The Shorter Discourse on the Full-moon Night
Cula Suññata Sutta (text to speech) - The Lesser Discourse on Emptiness
Cula Vedalla Sutta (text to speech) - The Shorter Set of Questions-and-Answers
Culadukkhakkhandha Sutta (text to speech) - The Shorter Discourse On The Mass Of Suffering 
Culagopalaka Sutta (text to speech) - The Minor Discourse on the Cowherd
Cunda Sutta (text to speech) - Shariputra’s Passing Away
Cuularaahulovaadasuttam (text to speech) - Advice in short, to venerable Rahula
Cuulatanhaasankhaya Sutta (text to speech) - The Shorter Discourse On the Destruction of Craving


Dahara Sutta (text to speech) - Young
Dakkhinaavibhangasuttam (text to speech) - Classification of Offerings
Danda Sutta (text to speech) - The Stick
Dantabhumi Sutta (text to speech) - The Discourse on the "Tamed Stage"
Dasuttara Sutta (text to speech) - Expanding Decades
Datthabba Sutta (text to speech) - To Be Known
The Demonstration of the Inconceivable State of Buddhahood Sutra
Devadaha Sutta (text to speech) - At Devadaha
Devaduuta Sutta (text to speech) - The Heavenly Messengers
Dhaatuvibhangasuttam (text to speech) - Classification of Elements
Dhajagga Sutta (text to speech) - Banner Protection
Dhamma Niyama Sutta (text to speech) - The Discourse on the Orderliness of the Dhamma
Dhammacariya Sutta (text to speech) - Wrong Conduct
Dhammadaayaada Sutta (text to speech) - To Inherit the Teaching
Dhammakakkappavattana Sutta (text to speech) - Foundation of the Kingdom of Righteousness
Dhammaññu Sutta (text to speech) - One With a Sense of Dhamma
Dhammika Sutta (text to speech) - To Dhammika
Dhana Sutta (text to speech) - Treasure
Dhaniya Sutta (text to speech) - Dhaniya the Cattleman
The Dharani Sutra of the Buddha on Longevity The Extinction of Offences And the Protection of Young Children (text to speech) - 佛說長壽滅罪護諸童子陀羅尼經白話翻譯
Dhatu Sutta (text to speech) - Properties
Dhatu Vibhanga Sutta - An Analysis of the Properties
The Diamond Sutra (text to speech)
Dighajanu Sutta (text to speech) - To Dighajanu
Dighanakha Sutta (text to speech) - Advice to Dighanakha the Wandering Ascetic
Dighavu-kumara Vatthu (text to speech) - The Story of Prince Dighavu
The Discourse of the Teaching Bestowed by the Buddha (text to speech)
The Discourse Collection (text to speech)
Discourse on Great Blessings (text to speech)
The Discourse Of The Teaching Bequeathed By The Buddha Just Before His Parinibbána (text to speech)
Ditthi Sutta (text to speech) - Views
Duggata Sutta (text to speech) - Fallen on Hard Times
Dutthatthaka Sutta (text to speech) - Corrupted
Dvayatanupassana Sutta (text to speech) - The Contemplation of Dualities
Dvedhavitakka Sutta (text to speech) - Two Sorts of Thinking


Eight Great Realizations Sutra
The Enlightenment Sutra
The Empty Beggar's Bowl
Esukaari Sutta - To the Brahmin Esukari


Filial Piety Sutra
The First Discourse Of The Buddha
First Khandhaka - The Admission to the Order of Bhikkhus
The First Teaching - Background of his Decision to Preach
The First Teaching Of The Buddha
Flawless Purity Sutra - A dialogue with the Laywoman Gangottara
Sutra in Forty-Two Sections
Fourth Khandhaka - The Pavàranà Ceremony at the End of the Rainy Season, Vassa


Gaddula Sutta - The Leash
Gadrabha Sutta - The Donkey
Ganakamoggallana Sutta - The Discourse to Ganaka-Moggallana
Ganda Sutta - A Boil
Garava Sutta - Reverence
Gavi Sutta - The Cow
Gelañña Sutta - At the Sick Room
Gilana Sutta - Sick
Gilana Sutta - Sick People
Gilayana Sutta - Illness
Girimananda Sutta - Discourse to Girimananda Thera
Gopakamoggallaanasuttam - To the Brahmin Gopakamoggallaana
Gotama Buddha - Remembers His Earlier Existences
Gotama Buddha - Talks Of His Ascetic Practices
Gotama Buddha Ponders
Gotamaka Cetiya Sutta - At Gotamaka Shrine
Gotama's First Masters - Kalama And Ramaputta
Gotami Sutta - Sister Gotami
Guhatthaka Sutta - The Cave of the Body
Gulissaani Sutta - On account of Venerable Gulissani


Hatthaka Sutta - To Hatthaka On Sleeping Well in the Cold Forest
Heart Sutra
The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra
Himavanta Sutta - On the Factors for Awakening
Hiri Sutta - On Friendship
Hiri Sutta - Conscience
Hita Sutta - Benefit


Iddhipada Vibhanga Sutta - Analysis of the Bases of Power
Ina Sutta - Debt
Indriyabhaavanaasuttam - Development of the Mental Faculties
Indriya Vibhanga Sutta - Analysis of the Mental Faculties
The Infinite Life Sutra of Adornment, Purity, Equality and Enlightenment of the Mahayana School  (佛说大乘無量壽莊嚴清净平等覺經)
Isidatta Sutta - About Isidatta
Isigilisuttam - The Rock Which Devours Sages
Issattha Sutta - Archery Skills
Ittha Sutta - What is Welcome


Jaliya Sutta - About Jaliya 
Jara Sutta - Old Age
Jara Sutta - Old Age
Jata Sutta - The Tangle
Jataka Tales of the Buddha (word document)
Jhana Sutta - Mental Absorption
Jiivaka Sutta - A Discourse To Jiivaka The Foster Son Of The Prince
Jinna Sutta - Old
Jivaka Sutta - To Jivaka


Kaayagataasatisuttam - Mindfulness established in the Body
Kaccayanagotta Sutta - To Kaccayana Gotta On Right View
Kakacupama Sutta - The Simile of the Saw
Kaladana Sutta - Seasonable Gifts
Kalahavivada Sutta- Further Questions
Kalama Sutta - The Instruction to the Kalamas
Kama Sutta - Sensual Pleasure
Kammavaranata Sutta - Kamma Obstructions
Kannakatthala Sutta - At Kannakattala
Karaniya Metta Sutta - Good Will
Karaniya Mettá Sutta - The Hymn of Universal Love
Kasi Bharadvaja Sutta - Discourse to Bharadvaja, the Farmer
Kathavatthu Sutta - Topics of Conversation
Katuviya Sutta - Putrid
Kayasakkhi Sutta - Bodily Witness
Kesi Sutta - To Kesi the Horse-trainer
Kevatta Sutta - To Kevatta
Khaggavisana Sutta - A Rhinoceros Horn
Khandha Sutta - Aggregates
Khuddaka Pátha - Lesser Readings
Khuddakapatha Sutta - The Short Passages
Kimattha Sutta - What is the Purpose?
Kimila Sutta - To Kimila
Kimsila Sutta - Right Conduct
Kimsila Sutta - With What Virtue?
Kindada Sutta - A Giver of What
Kintisuttam - What Do You Think Of Me?
Kitágirisutta - Advice given at Kitagiri
Ksitigarbha Sutra - Sutra of the Past Vows of Earth Store Bodhisattva
Kucchivikara-vatthu - The Monk with Dysentery
Kukkuravatika Sutta - The Dog-duty Ascetic
Kula Sutta - On Families
Kusita Arambhavatthu Sutta - The Grounds for Laziness and the Arousal of Energy
Kuta Sutta - The Peak of the Roof
Kutadanta Sutta - A Bloodless Sacrifice


Ladukikopama Sutta - The Quail Simile
Lakkhana Sutta - 32 Marks of a Great Man
Lankavatara Sutra
Lekha Sutta
Lion's Roar Of Queen Srimala Sutra
The Great Discourse on the Lion's Roar
The Shorter Discourse on the Lion's Roar
Lohicca Sutta - Good and Bad Teachers
Lokapala Sutta - Guardians of the World
Lokavipatti Sutta - The Failings of the World
Lokayatika Sutta - The Cosmologist
Lomasangiyabhaddekaratthasuttam - A Single Auspicious Attachment to Venerable Lomasangiya
Lonaphala Sutta - The Salt Crystal
Lotus Sutra - The Sutra Of Innumerable Meanings 


Maagandiyasuttam - Point by point Classification
Madhupindika Sutta - The Ball of Honey
Madhura Sutta - concerning Caste
Magandiya Spell
Magga-vibhanga Sutta - An Analysis of the Path
Mahaacattaariisakasuttam - The Longer Discourse On The Forty
Maha Hatthipadopama Sutta - The Great Elephant Footprint Simile
Mahaakammavibhangasuttam - The Detailed Classification Of Actions
Maha Mangala Sutta - Blessings
Maha Parinibbána Sutta - Last Days of the Buddha
Mahaapunnamasuttam - The Longer Discourse on the Full Moon Night
Maha Salayatanika Sutta - The Great Six Sense-media Discourse
Maha Samaya Sutta - The Great Meeting
Maha Sudassana-Sutta - The Great King of Glory
Maha Satipatthána Sutta - The Great Frames of Reference
Maha Sunnata Sutta - The Greater Discourse On Emptiness
Mahaakaccaanabhaddekarattasuttam - Venerable Mahaakaccaana’s Explanation Of The Single Auspicious Attachment
Mahaasaccaka Sutta - The Major Discourse to Saccaka
Mahaassapura Sutta - The Longer Discourse in Assapura
Mahadukkhakkhandha Sutta - The Greater Discourse On The Mass Of Suffering
Mahagovinda Sutta - The Great Steward
Mahali Sutta - Heavenly Sights, Soul And Body
Mahanama Sutta - To Mahanama
Mahanidana Sutta - The Great Causes Discourse
Mahapadana Sutta - The Great Discourse on the Lineage
Mahayana Sutra Of The Three Superior Heaps
Makkata Sutta - The Monkey
Maranassati Sutta - Mindfulness of Death
Marapasa Sutta - Mara's Power
Mara Upasatha Sutra - Founding The Kingdom
Master Of Healing Buddha Sutra
Mata Sutta - Mother
Meditation on The Bodhisattva Universal Virtue Sutra
Meghiya Sutta - The Buddha's Advice to Meghiya
Merit Of Bathing The Buddha Sutra
Metta Sutta - Discourse on Advantages of Loving-kindness
Mettagu Manava Puccha - Mettagu's Questions


Na Tumhaka Sutta - Not Yours
Nadi Sutta - The River
Nagara Sutta - The City
Nagaravindeyya Sutta - The Discourse Delivered at Nagaravindika
Nakhasikha Sutta - The Tip of the Fingernail
Nakula Sutta - Nakula's Parents
Nakulapita Sutta - To Nakulapita
Nalakalapiyo Sutta - Sheaves of Reeds
Nalakapána Sutta - The Discourse at Nalakapana
Nandakovaadasuttam - Advice from Venerable Nandaka
Nandana Sutta - Delight
Nava Sutta - The Ship
Neyyattha Sutta - A Meaning to be Inferred
Nibbána Sutta - Unbinding
Nibbedhika Sutta - Penetrative
Nidana Sutta - Causes
Niramisa Sutta - Unworldly
Nissaraniya Sutta - Means of Escape
Nivaapa Sutta - The Simile of the Deer Feeder


Ogha-tarana Sutta - Crossing over the Flood
One Way In Sutra


Pabbata Sutta - A Mountain
Pabbatopama Sutta - The Simile of the Mountains
Pabhassara Sutta - Luminous
Paccaya Sutta - Requisite Conditions
Padhana Sutta - The Great Struggle
Pahana Sutta - Giving Up
Pañcakanga Sutta - Carpenter Five-tools
Pancattayasuttam - The Five And The Three
Pañha Sutta - Questions
Pañña Sutta - Discernment
Parabhava Sutta - Downfall
Paramatthaka Sutta - On Views
Parileyyaka Sutta - At Parileyyaka
Parivatta Sutta - The Fourfold Round
Pasura Sutta - To Pasura
Patala Sutta - The Bottomless Chasm
Paticca Samuppada Vibhanga Sutta - Analysis of Dependent Co-arising
Patika Sutta - About Patikaputta the Charlatan
Patimokkha Sutta - The Bhikkhus' Code of Discipline
Patoda Sutta - The Goad-stick
Payasi Sutta - Debate with a Skeptic
The Penitent Thief
Phassa Sutta - Contact
Phassamulaka Sutta - Rooted in Sense-impression
Pilahaka Sutta - The Dung Beetle
Pindapaatapaarisuddha Sutta - The Purity of Alms Food
Piya Sutta - Dear
Piyajaatika Sutta - Loved Ones
Potaliya Sutta - To Potaliya
Potthapada Sutta - About Potthapada
The Prajña Paramita - The Heart Sutra
Prajñápáramitá - The Heart Sutra
Praise Of The Pure Land And Protection By Buddhas
Pubbakotthaka Sutta - Eastern Gatehouse
Puggalavaggo - Andha Sutta
Punnovaadasuttam - Advice to Venerable Punna
Puttamansa Sutta - A Son's Flesh


Rahogata Sutta - Secluded
Rahula Sutta - Advice to Rahula
Raja Sutta - The King
Ratana Sutta - Treasures
Ratana Sutta - The Jewel Discourse
Ratha-vinita Sutta - Relay Chariots
Rathakara Sutta - The Chariot Maker
Rohitassa Sutta - To Rohitassa
Rupa Sutta - Forms


Saamagaama Sutta - At Samagama
Sabbasava Sutta - All the Fermentations
Saccavibhanga Sutta - Discourse on The Analysis of the Truths
Sacitta Sutta - One's Own Mind
Saddha Sutta - Conviction
Sakka Sutta - To the Sakyan
Sakkapanha Sutta - A God Consults the Buddha
Sakunagghi Sutta - The Hawk
Salayatana Vibhanga Sutta - An Analysis of the Six Sense-media
Saleyyaka Sutta - The Brahmans of Sala
Salha Sutta - To Salha
Salla Sutta - The Arrow
Sallatha Sutta - The Arrow
Sallekha Sutta - The Discourse on Effacement
Samadhanga Sutta - The Factors of Concentration
The Samádhi Suttas - Immeasurable Concentration
Samajivina Sutta - Living in Tune
Samana Mundika Sutta - Mundika the Contemplative
Samaññaphala Sutta - The Fruits of the Contemplative Life
Samanupassana Sutta - Assumptions
Sambodhi Sutta - Self-awakening
Samiddhi Sutta - About Samiddhi
Sammaditthi Sutta - The Discourse on Right View
Samnamndiká Sutta - Advice to the Wandering Ascetic Uggaahamaana Samanamandikaaputta
Sangaaravasuttam - To the Brahmin Sangaarava
Sangaha Sutta - The Bonds of Fellowship
Sangiti Sutta - Chanting Together
Sankha Sutta - The Conch Trumpet
Sankhaaruppatti Sutta - Arising of Intentions
Sankhitta Sutta - Good Will, Mindfulness, and Concentration
Sañña Sutta - Perception
Saññoga Sutta - Bondage
Sappurisasuttam - The Worthy One
Saraniya Sutta - Conducive to Amiability
Satipatthána Sutta - Frames of Reference
Sattatthana Sutta - Seven Bases
Scripture Preached by the Buddha on the Total Extinction of the Dharma
Second Khandhaka - The Uposatha Ceremony, and the Pàtimokkha
Sedaka Suttas - At Sedaka
Sekha Patipada Sutta - The Practice for One in Training
Sela Sutta - Sister Sela
Sela Sutta - To the Brahmin Sela
The Sermon At Rajagaha
The Sermon Of The Seven Suns
Sevitabba-Asevitabbasuttam - Things That Should and Should Not Be Practiced
Shurangama Sutra
Surangama Sutra (PDF version)
Sigalovada Sutta - The Layperson's Code of Discipline
Sigala Sutta - The Jackal
Siha Sutta - On Generosity
Silavant Sutta - Virtuous
Sisupacala Sutta - Sister Sisupacala
The Snake Simile
Soma Sutta - Sister Soma
Sona Sutta - About Sona
Sonadanda Sutta - The Qualities Of A True Brahmin
Sotar Sutta - The Listener
Subha Sutta - Morality, Concentration, Wisdom
Subhasita Sutta - Well Spoken
Suda Sutta - The Cook
Suddhatthaka Sutta - On Purity
Sukhamala Sutta - Refinement
The Larger Sukhavativyuha Sutra 
Sunakkhatta Sutta - To Sunakkhatta
Suñña Sutta - Empty
Susima Sutta - About Susima
Sussusa Sutta - Listening Well
Sutava Sutta - To Sutavan


Talaputa Sutta - To Talaputa the Actor
Tamonata Sutta - Darkness
Tanha Sutta - Craving
Tapussa Sutta - To Tapussa
The Discourse On The Ten Wholesome Ways Of Action
Tevigga-Sutta - On Knowledge Of The Vedas
Tevijjavacchagotta Sutta - The Three Vedas to Vacchagotta
Thana Sutta - Traits
Theragatha - Single Verse
Theragatha - Pair Verses
Theragatha - Triple Verses
Theragatha - Quadruple Verses
Theragatha - Ten Verses
Third Khandhaka - Residence During the Rainy Season, Vassa
Tittha Sutta - Sectarians


Ubhatobhaga Sutta - Released Both Ways
Udayi Sutta - About Udayin
Uddesa Vibhanga Sutta - An Analysis of the Statement
Udumbarika Sihanada Sutta - The Great Lion’s Roar to the Udumbarkans
Ugga Sutta - To Ugga
Ullambana Sutra - True words for repaying parents' kindness
Upacala Sutta - Sister Upacala
Upadana Sutta - Clinging
Upaddha Sutta - Half of the Holy Life
Upajjhatthana Sutta - Subjects for Contemplation
Upakilesa Sutta - The Minor Defilements
Upanisa Sutta - Prerequisites
Upasena Sutta - To Upasena
Upaya Sutta - Attached
Uposatha Sutta - The Eight-Precept Observance
Uraga Sutta - The Snake
Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra - Purifying All Evil Paths
Uttara Sutta - Uttara the Deva's Son
Utthana Sutta - On Vigilance


Vagrakkhedika Sutta - The Diamond Cutter
Vajira Sutta - Sister Vajira
Vajjiya Sutta - About Vajjiya
Vajrasamadhi Sutra - The Diamond Absorption Sutra
Valahaka Sutta - Thunderheads
Vammika Sutta - The Simile of the Ant Hill
Vanapattha Sutta - The Ways of the Forest
Vanijja Sutta - Wrong Livelihood
Vasala Sutta - Discourse on Outcasts
Vatthupama Sutta - The Simile of the Cloth
Vedana Sutta - Feeling
Vekhanassa Sutta - Advice to the Wandering Ascetic Vekhanassa
Veranjaka Sutta - The Discourse to the Householders of Veranjaka
Vijaya Sutta - Victory
Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra - Purification of the Buddha Field
Vimamsaka Sutta - The Examination
Vina Sutta - The Lute
Viññana Sutta - Consciousness
Vipaka Sutta - Results
Vipallasa Sutta - Perversions
Virecana Sutta - A Purgative
Visakhuposatha Sutta - The Discourse to Visakha on the Uposatha with the Eight Practices
The Visualization Of Amitabha Pure Land Sutra
Vitakkasanthaana Sutta - The Discursively Thinking Mind
Vitthara Sutta - Strengths in Detail
Vyagghapajja Sutta - Conditions of Welfare


Yamaka Sutta - To Yamaka
Yavakalapi Sutta - The Sheaf of Barley
Yodhajiva Sutta - The Warrior
Yodhajiva Sutta - The Warrior
Yodhajiva Sutta - To Yodhajiva
Yoga Sutta - Yokes
Yuganaddha Sutta - In Tandem