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English: the King of Prayers


The King of Prayers

1) To all lions of men, the Sugathas of the three times
to as many as they exist in the worlds of the ten directions
I prostrate to all of them without exception
with body, speech and clear mind.

2) Through the strength of prayer of noble conduct
all the conquerors appear directly to my mind
I bow deeply with as many bodies as the atoms of the fields
and fully prostrate to all conquerors.

3) On every atom (there) are Buddhas as many as the atoms that exist
seated in the centre of the children of Buddhas.
Thus I appreciate that all dharma spheres without exception
are filled completely with conquerors.

4) With every sound of an ocean of melodies
and an ocean of these inexhaustible praises
I pronounce the qualities of all conquerors
and praise all sugatas.

5) With immaculate flowers and immaculate garlands,
cymbals perfumed ointments, supreme parasols and well as
supreme butter lamps and immaculate incense,
I make offerings to these conquerors.

6) By (arranging) immaculate garments and supreme aromas
and powdered incense as high as the supreme Mountain (Meru)
in a formation that is superior and supreme in every (aspect)
I make offerings to these conquerors.

7) Vast unsurpassable offerings
I imagine for all conquerors
Through the strength of faith in the noble conduct
I prostrate and offer to all conquerors.

8) Whatever negativity exist and I have done
with my body, speech and similarly with my mind
due to the power of attachment, hatred and confusion
I confess all of them individually.

9) I rejoice in the virtue of all conquerors of the ten directions, that of the children of the Buddhas,
that of solitary realizers, learners and non-learners
and in the merit of all migrators.

11) To those wishing to demonstrate paranirvana
I pray with my palms joined together:
for the benefit and happiness of all migrators
please remain for as many eons as there are atoms in the fields.

12) Whatever little virtue I have accumulated through
prostrating, making offerings, confessing,
rejoicing, urging and praying
I dedicate them all towards enlightenment.

13) May my offerings be made to the Buddhas of the past and
to those abiding in every world of the ten directions
and may those who have not yet come, very quickly
complete the intention of enlightenment and gradually come as Buddhas.

14) May however many fields exist in the ten directions
become vast and completely pure
and may they will be filled completely by conquerors who have
proceeded to enlightenment under powerful bodhi trees and by children of the Buddhas

15) May however many sentient beings exist in the ten directions
be always without sickness, may they have happiness
and may the dharma-related purposed and hopes of all migrators
be fulfilled accordingly.

16) May I practice of conduct of enlightenment
may I remember (past) births in all migrations and
in all successive lives, at death, transference and birth
may I always be ordained.

17) May I train in the footsteps of all conquerors and
thoroughly complete the noble conduct
may I always practice non-deteriorated and faultless,
stainless, thoroughly pure moral conduct.

18) May I teach the dharma in all languages
however many languages of migrators (exist, such as)
the languages of gods, nagas, yakshas,
vampires and humans.

19a) Through that and through exertion in the (six) perfections
may the mind of bodhichitta never be forgotten.
19b) May whatever negativities that are obscurations (exist)
be thoroughly cleansed.

20) May I be liberated from the actions of the demons of karma and afflictions
and also in all worldly migrations may I
remain without attachment , like the lily is with the water and
like the sun and moon (that move) unhindered in the sky.

21) May I thoroughly pacify the suffering of lower migrations
in however many vast fields and directions (it exists).
May I place all migrators in many types of happiness
and may I practice that which is beneficial for all.

22) May I thoroughly complete the conduct of enlightenment and
cause sentient beings to enter in accordance with their conduct,
may I teach them well (various) noble conducts and
may I practice them in all future eons.

23) May I always befriend
those whose conduct is similar to mine.
May through body, speech and also mind
pure conduct and prayer be practiced as one.

24) May I always meet with those friends who
whish to benefit me and who
teach well the noble conduct;
may I never disappoint their minds.

25) May I always behold directly the conquerors,
protectors surrounded by the children of the buddha.
In all future eons may I never become impoverished
and may I also make vast offerings to them.

26) May I uphold the immaculate dharma of the conquerors
and illuminate every aspect of the conduct of enlightenment
may I practice the noble conduct (now) and
may I practice it in all future eons.

27) May I find inexhaustible treasures and gnosis
when circling in all (types) of existence
may I become an inexhaustible treasury of all qualities,
method, wisdom, concentration and freedom.

28) On every atom there are as many fields as the atoms that exist
the inconceivable Buddhas in these fields
abide surrounded by children of the Buddhas
I behold them and practice the conduct of enlightenment.

29) Thus also in the expanse of a single hair there is an ocean
of as many Buddhas as they exist in the three times in every
direction without exception and there is an ocean of pure fields
and for an ocean of eons may I thoroughly engage in the practice of this conduct.

30) With a language of an ocean of qualities in every single word
all conquerors speak with the pure qualities of melodiousness.
This melodiousness is in accordance with the thoughts of all migrators.
May I always engage the speech of the buddha.

31) I will also thoroughly engage through the strength of my mind
in the inexhaustible melody of the speech of
all conquerors coming during the three times and
turning the wheel (of dharma) in (different) ways.

32) I can even enter in an instant
in all future eons
whatever is the measure of the eons in the three times
I practice entering (them) in a fraction of an instance.

33) In an instance I behold
the lions of men coming in the three times and
I enter through the strength of illusory freedom
in the object of their practice.

34) Moreover I arrange the pure fields of the three times
I actually establish them on a single atom.
Thus I enter the array of the fields of conquerors
in all directions, without exception.

35) Moreover I proceed in front of all protectors,
the future beacons of the world
as they gradually become enlightened, the turn the wheel
and demonstrate the conclusion of paranirvana’s intense peace.

36) The strength of all swift miracles,
the strength of the vehicle which is the gateway for all,
the strength of conduct of all qualities,
the strength of love which is all pervasive

37) The strength of merit which is virtuous in all aspects,
the strength of gnosis without formation,
the strengths of wisdom, method and concentration:
May I attain pure strength of enlightenment through these.

38) May I thoroughly purify the strength of actions and
utterly destroy the strength of afflictions
render the strength of demons powerless and
complete the strength of noble conduct.

39) I will purify an ocean of fields
liberate an ocean of sentient beings
see through an ocean of dharmas and
comprehend with an ocean of gnosis.

40) I will perform an ocean of pure conducts
complete an ocean of prayers
make offerings to an ocean of Buddhas
for an ocean of eons, without becoming weary.

41) All the conquerors of the three times
became enlightened through the noble conduct and
the specific prayers of the enlightened conduct:
I will complete all these without exception.

42) The eldest of all conquerors’ children
is called Samantabhadra.
In order to practice with a skill similar to his
I dedicate fully all this virtue.

43) To purify my body, speech and mind
to purify my conduct and to thoroughly purify fields
may I do a dedication that is similar to his
noble and skillful one.

44) In order to practice totally virtuous conduct
I will practice Manjushri’s prayer and
without becoming weary in future eons
I will complete their actions without exception.

45) May this conduct be without measure
may qualities not be restricted by any measure and
by abiding in this immeasurable conduct
may I set forth emanations.

46) Sentient beings are as limitless as
the expanse of space.
May my aspiration prayers be as limitless as
the limitless karma and affliction of them all.

47) Compared to someone who offers the conquerors
limitless fields of the ten directions adorned with
precious substances
as well as the supreme happiness of gods and humans
for as many eons as there are atoms in the fields

48) Whoever upon hearing this king of dedications
yearns for supreme enlightenment
and generates faith even once
will gain immaculate, supreme merit, superior to them.

49) Whoever recites this prayer aspiring for noble conduct
abandons the lower migrations
abandons evil companions
and will soon behold the Buddha of Limitless Light.

50) Will live happily having acquired many gains
things will go well in this present life
and before long
will be like Samantabhadra.

51) The negativity of the five heinous crimes and
all those done under the power of ignorance
will soon be thoroughly cleansed
if they recite this (prayer of) noble conduct.

52) Will be endowed with knowledge, form, signs,
lineage and radiance,
many demons and heretics will not overpower them
and all the three worlds will present them with offerings.

53) Will quickly proceed beneath the powerful bodhi tree
and sit there for the benefit of sentient beings
turn the wheel of an enlightened buddha
and tame the hordes of demons.

54) The maturation of those who keep, teach or read
this aspiration prayer of noble conduct
is known by the Buddhas :
have no doubt about supreme enlightenment.

55) However the brave Manjushri became wise
and in the way of Samantabhadra too
I also fully dedicate all this virtue
in order to train in the footsteps of them all.

56) All the conquerors, the Tathagatas of the three times
praise dedication as supreme
I also dedicate fully all this root of virtue
towards the noble conduct.

57) When the time of my death comes
may all my obscurations clear away
may I behold the Buddha of Limitless Light directly and
go at once at the pure field of Sukhavati.

58) Having reached there may everything
I have prayed for, without exception, be actualized.
May I fulfill these aspirations without exception and
benefit sentient beings for as long as the world exists.

59) Having been born from an exquisite and immaculate lotus
in the noble and joyous mandala of the conquerors
may I receive a prophesy, there
directly from the Buddha of Limitless Light.

60) Having receive a prophesy there
may I send billions of emanations
through the strength of the mind, in the ten directions
and bring great benefit to sentient beings.

61) Through whatever small amount of virtue I have gathered
from reciting this aspiration prayer of noble conduct
may all virtuous aspiration prayers of migrating beings
be instantly accomplished.

62) Through whatever limitless immaculate merit
is obtained through the dedication of the aspiration prayer of noble
may migrating beings sinking in the great river of suffering
obtain the fine abode of (protector) Amitabha.

63) May this King of prayers, the principle among supreme ones,
bring about the benefit of limitless sentient beings.
Having practiced this text adorned by Samantabhadra
may the streams of lower migrations without exception be emptied.

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