The Love of Life

29. Doctor Turtle


There was an uproar in the kitchen. “Grab it! Stick it back in the wok!”

When Huang Tehuan heard the noise, he thought something must be wrong, so he ran in to see. He saw a turtle crawling along the floor. It looked pitiful. Huang asked the cooks why they were making such a fuss about one little turtle.

“We were cooking this turtle for you, sir. We lifted the lid of the wok to see if it was done, and it held the lid and climbed out. Its back has been scalded, and it can just move its head and legs. It scared us.”

Huang Tehuan told the cooks to take the turtle to a river and let it go. He made up his mind never to torture another animal for food. He became a vegetarian right then and there.

Years later, Huang had a very bad fever. His family took him to the river bank where the cool breezes might make him feel more comfortable.

One night he felt something climb up onto his body. He immediately felt cool all over, and felt very happy.

When the sun came up, he felt a bit cold. His chest felt much better. He looked down and saw that his chest was covered with mud. There was a turtle sitting by his bed.

When it saw Huang was awake, the turtle nodded to him three times and crawled out of his room.

That day, Huang got out of his bed. His fever was gone. Then his family told him how close he had been to death. The doctor said that if the turtle hadn’t come to cool him down, he would have died.

Huang told his family how important it was not to kill animals. He eventually lived to the ripe old age of 80, and Finally died peacefully without any illness or pain.

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