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Wailing Piteously For Three Months


Wailing Piteously For Three Months

Wailing Piteously For Three Months

Cao Sheng-yuan was a villager from Gang-nan in Nanxiang town, Jiading County of Jiangsu state. He enjoyed eating dog meat and often slaughtered them to be cooked.

One day, as he was ready to cut a slaughtered dog soaked in a basin, the dog suddenly leapt out of the basin and attacked his neck. Cao fainted as he bled profusely. All those around him were frightened by the horrifying sight.

Since bitten by the dog, his wound became infected and no doctors were able to cure him. His condition worsened and he suffered great pain as if his organs were torn apart. Everyday, he would moan from day to night. He eventually died after suffering for 3 months.

Those who enjoyed eating dog meat were so frightened by the incident that they stopped taking the meat completely.


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