Buddhist Stories Collection

Qu Shi Liberated The Carp


A man, named Qu-shi, who lived in Yuan-cun saw a fisherman carrying a red carp. He was actually on his way to sell the fish in town. The carp looked sadly at Qu-shi and struggled piteously as if it as seeking his help. Qu was sad to see this and decided to buy and free it back to the river.

Later, Qu fell sick and he dreamt that he had been invited to the palace of the Dragon king. The King said to him: “You are supposed to die now but as you had saved my son, your blessings and lifespan will be increased by twelve years”.

Qu saved the carp when he was forty-eight years old. Thereafter, he lived till sixty years old before passing away peacefully, leaving behind many descendants.



Bạn có thể dùng phím mũi tên để lùi/sang chương. Các phím WASD cũng có chức năng tương tự như các phím mũi tên.